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Government releases Guidelines for Aged care COVID-19 restrictions

26 Nov 2020
Three Tier restrictions based on local threat level

The Government has released a set of 3 tiered responses that providers can use as a guideline to scale up and down the restrictions in place at particular facilities based on the perceived threat in that area.  The guidelines cover not only visitation, but also excursions, small gatherings and outdoor exercise, a welcome relief for many who have been in virtual lockdown far exceeding the general community.
Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians Richard Colbeck said the restrictions that remained were common sense measures.
“In all areas, even in those places where there isn’t any local transmission, the AHPPC recommends restricting people who have just returned from overseas or have been in contact with a confirmed case, people who are sick, those who require isolation or quarantine and people who haven’t had the flu jab,” Colbeck said.
“Visitors will also need to maintain personal hygiene, and social distance. By taking these basic precautions, we keep senior Australians in aged care physically safe while they spend time with their family, friends and loved ones, or receive care from doctors or allied health workers.”
Broadly, the 3 tiers cover situations where there has been no CVOID 19 transmission or locally aquired cases (Tier 1), where a facility is located in an area with localised outbreaks (Tier 2) and where there is an outbreak of the virus in the local community and confirmed community transmission (Tier 3).
Minister Colbeck said the government and the AHPPC agreed that residents “must be protected in the least restrictive manner and their health needs must be balanced with their personal wellbeing and human rights”.
This latest update to the code follows much discussion between aged care providers and the Government and aims to give  “a nationally consistent approach that ensures residents can receive visitors while minimising the risk of spreading COVID-19”. whilst offering clarity to residents and families